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  1. Let It Go


Let It Go
©2018 Love, Atonic

Finally coming up for air
And you cant stop me, stop me
For a second there
You know you thought
You got me
Yeah you got me
Caught up in this illusion of stagnation
Tired of standing still
I gotta get out of this state

All I know is
We don't know what we don't know
We're so good at thinking we are in control
Gotta let it go, oh, oh oh
Gotta let it go, oh, oh oh
Let it go, let it go
Nothing to loose

Nothing's ever still its always moving, moving
Everything we need is amongst us
in abundance
No need for confusion or frustration
I don't know how things work
But I know they do
When we feel good

Restless all this running around
Is running me down
Gonna make me breathless
Thinking everything's so hard
When we know it could be effortless
Be wise with your time cause
We got one life and its precious
No need to pretend
It' simply the best and
The better we feel
The more it's infectious
Let's get relentless
I'm loving the freshness
We've got everything we need
This abundance is endless
It's endless