A collaborative mastery of singer/songwriter SOLAYA LOVE and producer/composer John Atonic. Their skillfully crafted vocal based EDM sound is co-written and independently produced by SOLAYA and John. Carefully blend of genres illuminating a journey through the breadth of human experience exploring magnetizing bass and drum syncopation, playful beats and seductive vocals that call to the heart and speak to the feet.

Their one hour live show consists of extended dance mixes of their songs featuring SOLAYA's juicy freestyle vocals and silk fan flow dance, with John mixing SOLAYA's vocals through harmonizer, looper and FX controls. John and SOLAYA compose and produce all their songs from scratch using music scoring software, software synthesizers and sampled instruments.

As an indie production with no corporate middleman, all proceeds from music sales go directly to the artist providing them with the tools to expand music production, photo shoots, videos, touring, equipment rental, marketing and promotion.

SOLAYA LOVE is a Canadian singer, songwriter, musician who with her vocal based electronic dance music, welcomes the listeners on a playfully melodic journey through rhythmic bass lines and lyrical depth.


"Music is a language we all speak, regardless if we can read or write it." - SOLAYA LOVE


One of her first childhood memories was dancing, singing, feeling free with no music playing in the background when suddenly, the calling to learn to read and play music became clear. Somehow, the violin was what came through as a desire. She then voiced her desire to be enrolled in violin lessons. With highly supportive parents and growing aspirations, she then continued to expand her instrumental knowledge through the pursuit of guitar, and continuing to sing. By the age of 12,  she had a taste of what it mean to play in a real band and developed her stage presence. She performed as lead vocalist, rhythm/lead guitarist in a psychedelic rock band since age of 16. For 5 years they played various local venues and professionally recorded one track.


“Since I was a child, in my sleep, I would have dreams of hearing music. The next step was knowing music theory to write it all down when I woke up.” - SOLAYA LOVE


Musical influences include genres such as Rock, Reggae, Roots, Hip-Hop, Blues, Metal,

Pop, World Music, and EDM. Inspired by artists: Tove Lo, Becky Hill, Ariana Grande, Jessie J. Fergie, Madonna, Lady Gaga, John Butler Trio, Jimi Hendrix Tash Sultana, Black Sabbath.


While sharing her musical gifts, her intention is to inspire the world as they embody their true and authentic selves, in whatever form of expression that may be. She wishes for people to feel a sense of joy and empowerment when they hear her music.

"After having the pleasure of seeing these two's performance-my life has changed! No, that's not hyperbole fam. That's respect. The way they command the stage is incredible. The vocal work moved me to tears." - Carlos Sorto

"Para todos mis amigos y familia en latín América. Estos dos artistas son increíble! Tienen un amor y fuego para la música como nunca lo e visto. Estén listos, porque esto va ser internacional."

("for all my friends and family in Latin America, these two artists and incredible! They have a love and fire for music like I have never seen before. Get ready, this is going international")
-Carlos Sorto


Since working with John Atonic, she has gaining confidence and skill as a studio vocalist. Expanding her vocal technique and the study of music theory and piano, has enhanced her song writing skills. She enjoys exploration of various musical instruments such as guitar, piano, ukulele, didgeridoo, bass, drums/djembe, percussion (egg shaker and are djembe are her favorites).


She performed at:

          Astral Harvest Music Festival, 2018, Alberta

          Reign Bough Fiddle Music Festival, 2018, Alberta

          Tribal Nation Event, Edmonton, 2017, Alberta

          Booking at Mercury Room, Edmonton, 2017, Alberta


Self-produced and mastered collaboration between John Atonic and SOLAYA LOVE, who together, write all originally composed music created from software synthesizers  and sampled instruments modified to the sound of their liking, rather than using pre-made loops.


Live shows consists of extended dance mixes of their songs with live vocal improv blended into the set to spice up the songs and take the listeners on a surprise ride through what comes through for her in the moment; with John mixing SOLAYA's vocal through harmonizer/looper and FX controls as she engages the crowd. Live sets are also accompanied by lively flow art dancers, (usually silk fans or hoop dancers) to add some flavor.


When coming up with an artist name, her and John worked around the idea of adding a syllable to her given name, (Léa), and spelling it phonetically. Hence SOLAYA, pronounced So-lay-ah was born. Also the meaning of Sol (Sun) and Aya (has multiple meanings in different languages like, colorful, beautiful, wonderful, amazing) certainly describes the radiant Léa. Since the domain solaya.com was already taken, John suggested adding a second name. LOVE was the first thing that came to mind, it stuck and the domain name was secured.


Her desire is to play international festivals and concerts accompanied by a team of talented flow artists, fire dancers, acrobats, photographers, videographers, musicians, visual artists, makeup artists, and more, who are equally as stoked to go on tour and uplift one another on our musical journeys. In 5 years or less, she sees herself on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine announcing the launch of her next album and music video.